Beer Bottles

Beer bottles make the beer! Whether your next batch of homebrewed beer, mead or cider is just a twinkle in your eye at this point or your wort is already bubbling away in the fermentor, you’re going to need the right type of bottles! has a great collection of glass beer bottles for your next pale ale, stout or lager in colors ranging from dark amber (brown) to clear to a dazzling cobalt blue. Just remember that for most beers, an amber bottle is recommended to reduce the amount of light reaching your beer while it’s in storage. Beer bottles in various colors are also offered with the always-cool Grolsch style flip top (a.k.a. swing top) caps. The great thing about those is you’ll never have to buy caps again! We also have amber beer bottles made with P.E.T. plastic so you can take your home brew to your next day on the beach, river or lake. Coated beer bottle carriers that make it easy to tote a 6-pack of your latest home brew heaven to the next party will make it look like you own your own brewery! Sizes range from 12oz to 32oz to 500ml, and we also have smaller, clear 187ml bottles that are perfect for highly carbonated beers, champagnes, and ciders. The stubby 16oz and 32oz bottle sizes give a nice, antique feel if you’re brewing up a traditional style. And all of these bottles make great supplies for craft ideas as well! Note that some bottles include starter caps or crowns. Take your home brewing hobby to the next level with quality supplies at great prices from the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff at the Midwest's leading home brewing and wine making retailer,