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Rahr Standard 6-Row Malt - 50 Lb. - Whole

Rahr 6-Row Malt is 1.7° L. and optimized for adjunct brewing. Its high enzyme content easily converts high percentages of unmalted corn, rice, oats, etc. Six-row is also useful in lautering mashes with huskless grains due to it high husk content.

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Rahr Standard 6-Row Malt - 50 Lb. - Whole

Malt Type Domestic Base Malt
Alpha Amylase 0
Diastatic Power 160
Extract % 79
Origin USA
Soluble Protein % 0
Total Protein % 15
S/T 0
Usage % 100
Lovibond 2.1-2.5
Moisture % 4.2


Imparts clean crisp malt flavor.Review by Justin
My favorite addition to pale ales and IPA's. Imparts a biscuity clean malt taste that doesn't take away from hop flavors. (Posted on 3/13/2016)

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