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BrewMometer - Weldless - Fixed - Blichmann Engineering

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Dial thermometer designed specifically for beer brewing by the minds at Blichmann Engineering. Features a 3" hermetically sealed dial face with suggested mash temps printed on, a fixed angle 2" probe, and a weldless installation that offers unequaled sealing and stability.

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The BrewMometer is a great addition to any brew pot as it helps give you an accurate temperature reading of your wort at any time. The weldless version features the standard 3" dial face, a fixed 2" temperature probe, and can be easily installed into any stainless steel brew pot with a 1/2" hole using the unique weldless bulkhead. The weldless design offers unequaled sealing and stability as compared to other designs that are prone to leak and "wobble" on the pot.


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