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59 Gallon - Premium American Oak Barrel

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59 Gallon American Oak Wine Barrel – Made in the USA – Our 59 gallon American oak wine barrel is of superior quality. We are committed to working with our cooper to deliver a superior quality wine barrel. Only the finest, tight-grain, slow growth American oak (Quercus Alba) from Central Kentucky, Southwest Kentucky and Minnesota is chosen to be used. The oak is air-dried for at least two years and exposed to both winter and summer weather. The staves (side pieces) are bent and toasted over oak fires using old world methods. The slow toast penetrates deep without blistering or scorching allowing the barrel to impart the oak overtones valued by the discerning winemaker. The heads are assembled using wooden dowels in the old Cognac style. Six galvanized hoops are fitted to maintain maximum structural integrity. Consistent with our commitment to quality, rigorous control inspections are conducted at every step of the process from wood selection to air and water testing of the finished wine barrel.
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U.S. Specifications: Style: Bordeaux | Capacity: 59 gallons | Height:  36.75 in | Bilge (Circumference): 85 in | Head Thickness: 1 in | Stave Thickness: 1 in | Bunghole Diameter: 2.125 in

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