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Enolmaster 4 Head Vacuum Bottle Filler with Mignon Nozzles

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ENOLMASTER 4 head bottle fillerwith Mignon Nozzles for Wine, Olive Oil, High Alcohol and High Temperature

We ONLY sell the Enolmaster Mignon Vacuum Bottle Filler with the Pyrex vacuum container. Recommended for wine and olive oil and required for spirits over 20% ABV and high temperature. Max temp 230° F (110° C). This has Pyrex vessel and high temperature tubing.

  • Vacuum Filling--no contact between wine and pump or mechanical components

  • Smaller Mignon Heads for filling Bottles down to airline liquor sizes

  • 4 Stainless Steel Mignon Filling Nozzles

  • Fill level is adjustable

  • Wine tank can be up to 12 feet below the Enolmaster

  • 110 Volt

  • Weight 60 lbs

  • 26"L x 19"H x 18"W

  • 600 bottles/hour (~20% less for viscous products like olive oil)

  • ~5' of 1" ID hose is provided

Availability: In stock

Regular Price: $2,699.99

Special Price $2,399.99


Regular Price: $2,699.99

Special Price $2,399.99



ENOLMASTER 4 head bottle filler for Wine, Olive Oil, High Alcohol and High Temperature



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