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Grape Press with Stand - Size 25 - 10x14 Basket

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GRAPE PRESS with STAND - SIZE 25 - 10x14 Basket - COLOR MAY BE RED OR GREEN. This is one of the nicest pieces of equipment we carry. Much easier to use than a ratchet press and very well suited for the lone wolf wine maker. No helper needed to hold the pressing blocks like a ratchet press. The pressing plate goes to the very bottom so if the basket is full, half full or barely full, you won't need to worry. Don’t forget a pressing cloth or large nylon straining bag. Those will make your pressing of your grape and fruit even easier. Wood slates are closer together than a ratchet press with a specially designed inner groove to channel the precious fruit and grape juices to your awaiting container. This item is always in limited supply and once they are gone for the season, that's all until next. Can easily hold about 50+ lbs. of must. Ships via ground at the oversize weight of 87 lbs. but weighs in at about 50 lbs.

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Italian made grape press with screw drive and tilting pressing plate.


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