Kombucha Tank 100 Liter Stainless Steel with Dust Cover and Spigot

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Stainless Steel Kombucha Tank 100 Liter (26.4 gal) - Tank comes with 1/2 inch chrome plated ball valve and is 500 mm in diameter and 600 mm high (20" diameter x 24" height). This Kombucha style tank is open top with a food grade lid included. Manufactured by Marchisio of Italy, a leading company in the production of stainless steel tanks. This tank also makes an excellent brew pot, primary fermenting tank, corn mash kettle and maple syrup cook tank. The half inch pipe thread fitting easily accepts a larger capacity ball valve with the use of a pipe nipple (both optional) which we carry in stock.

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Regular Price: $319.99

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Preparing your Stainless Steel Tank

  • Remove the white inner liner by slowly peeling away from tank
  • Install the valve using the installation kit provided
  • Rinse the inside of tank with warm water
  • Follow with a sanitizer such as One-Step, Easy Clean, Io-Star, Star San or a metabisulphite solution. ALWAYS RINSE OFF SANITIZERS WITH CLEAN WATER
  • The lid if using should also be sanitized and rinsed
  • DO NOT USE —bleach or any chlorine containing products. This chemical attacks the stainless steel (especially AISI 304) and will cause pitting, weakening the tank and making it more difficult to clean
  • DO NOT USE — abrasive cleaners, powders or detergents on the tank or any of the stainless steel components
  • The tank should be mounted on a stainless steel stand (optional) or on a fabricated platform of sufficient strength to support the weight of the must. A filled 100 liter tank can weigh over 220 lbs.
  • After the tank has been filled, do not attempt to move or push against the tank. Injury may result as well as rendering the tank unusable
  • The tank is now ready for adding ingredients in the usual manner for processing


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