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Manual Grape Crusher with Painted Hopper

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Heavy baked on enamal, steel hopper. This model grape crusher, sometimes called a grinder, has mixer paddles to keep the fruit moving. It has a 21'' x 25'' PAINTED hopper, 48'' long handle/barrel rests, paddles and grinding heads mounted on nylon rollers with good solid gears. The heavy weight flywheel is painted with a solid wood handle. This is a great traditional, hand crank style grape crusher at an economical price. It can be motorized by the end user. Just place this over a large barrel or tub, dump the grapes into the top of the hopper, and turn the flywheel crank. The crusher will gently break open the grape skins. Usually available year-round. Some very minor assembly may be required. Weighs 45 lbs with the flywheel attached. Ships FedEx oversize carton at 90 lbs. YZ00591-00301AB

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Manual Grape Crusher with Painted Hopper


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