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Cab Franc Icewine Style Wine Making Kit - Selection Speciale

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Cabernet Franc Red Ice Wine Style Wine Making Kit - Selection Spéciale. Style: The discovery of Icewine was accidental. Producers in Franconia, Germany made virtue of necessity by pressing juice from frozen grapes in 1794. They were amazed by the high sugar concentration. It was not until the mid 1800’s that Ice wine was intentionally made by the winery. Winexpert’s Selection Speciale Cabernet Franc Red Icewine Style is an intensely flavorful example. The hallmark of great Icewine is a dynamic balance between sweetness and acidity. Because of the naturally high acid, the finish is crisp and bracing, despite the intense sweetness. Cabernet Franc vines bear thinner-skinned, earlier-ripening grapes with lower overall acidity, when compared to Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Franc vines survive cold winters better than Cabernet Sauvignon, but are more susceptible to being damaged by Spring frosts. Sweet and rich, almost syrupy in texture, with rose and salmon tints, Cabernet Franc Icewine entices with irresistible aromas and flavors: ripe currants, notes of spice, honey, strawberry, tart rhubarb and cranberry. Icewine shows best when it is chilled but not cold. The ideal temperature is 10-12 degrees Celsius. Similar Styles: Selection Speciale Icewine Style. Food Pairings: Renowned as a dessert in a glass, it is ideal on its own or is excellent paired with a red fruit dessert, dark chocolate or a decadent triple chocolate fudge cake. Sweetness Code: Sweet. Alcohol by Volume: 11-11.5. Oak: None. Ageing: The intensity of flavor makes this wine immediately appealing, but under good conditions it will age nicely for one to two years, but it’s best consumed fresh and snappy. 12.3 liters/3.25 gallons - Makes up to 11.5 liters/3 gallons. Approx. 30 - 375ml bottles. Ready to bottle in 6 weeks.

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12.3 liters/3.25 gallons - Makes up to 11.5 liters/3 gallons. Approx. 30 - 375ml bottles. Ready to bottle in 6 weeks.


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