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Italian Pinto Grigio Verduzzo Winexpert Limited Edition Wine Making Kit

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Italian Pinot Grigio Verduzzo Winexpert Limited Edition Wine Making Kit
Located just North of Venice, The Veneto stretches across most of the northern reaches of the Adriatic Sea. The Veneto is known to experience hot summers and cool winters, and thanks to its proximity to the sea, less extreme weather than other Northeastern regions. Visitors to The Veneto area have more than just wine to drink, with the picturesque city of Venice absorbing the majority of the region’s tourism. Veneto is Italy's 3rd largest wine producing Region ahead of Tuscany. Its two best known areas are Soave and Valpolicella. The best wines are to be found in the Classico areas, or hilly sites north of Verona as opposed to flatlands.
This unofficial “super venetian” white is a blend of the vibrancy of Pinot Grigio with fresh citrus and pear complemented by the honeyed and ripe pineapple notes of Verduzzo. The zesty freshness and acidity is balanced by rounded tropical fruit flavours and a bit of nuttiness leading to a crisp, clean finish. This is a Pinot Grigio with a bit of pop. Though indigenous to northern France, Pinot Grigio is today most readily associated with Italy. Highly adaptable, Pinot Grigio is best suited to deep, warm soils high in minerals and requires a long, cool growing season to develop flavour, extract and its delicate aromas yet preserve acidity. The skin of the berries varies from green to dusty gray-pink to gray-blue, sometimes lending a pale pink colour to the wine. Pinot Grigio yields fresh, crisp, supple wines with clean white fruit flavours and aromas of apple and pear offset by notes of almonds and acacia flowers. Mentioned as far back as the 13th century, Verduzzo thrives in sunny vineyards and like Pinot Grigio it produces best in a long growing season, also like Pinot Grigio the grapes can develop a slight pinkish-blue cast at full ripeness. With a very gentle hint of tannin, Verduzzo produces wine with floral and honeyed notes, backed by crisp acidity.
Sweetness: Dry Body: Light-Medium Alcohol: 13%*
*Alcohol level based on following Winexpert winemaking instructions.

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Italian Pinot Grigio Verduzzo Winexpert Limited Edition Wine Making Kit - Labels Included - Makes 30 x 750ml bottles of great tasting wine.


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