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200 Liter Stainless Steel Variable Capacity Wine Tank with Floating Lid - Marchisio

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  • 200 Liter (52 gallon) capacity stainless steel wine tank.
  • Floating lid allows for variable size batches of wine.
  • Great for wine fermentation as well as long term aging and storage.
  • Wide mouth design makes these easy to clean!
  • Same equipment used in commercial wineries throughout the world!
  • Made in Italy.

Please note this item is not currently in stock, but is available for Pre-Order. Product should be available around June-July. We do require payment in full in order to reserve stock.

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A 200 liter (52 gallon) variable capacity stainless steel fermenter for wine, straight from Italy! This variable capacity tank is perfect for wine fermentation and aging. It features a lid that can sit on the surface of the wine and inflates to expand and create a seal on the edges of the tank. This is done by inflating with the included air pump. The lid comes with a length of rope for lowering down into the tank if you do not have a lot of volume. It also comes with a two-stage waterless airlock that attaches to the lid and have a check ball design to allow CO2 to escape during primary fermentation and seals the tank when CO2 is not being produced. It also features a spigot at the bottom for draining and sampling. In addition to winemaking, these variable capacity fermenters are perfect for large-scale kombucha or cold brew coffee production. Go big in winemaking with a variable capacity stainless steel fermenter from Marchisio!

Product Features

  • Large 200L fermenter for fermenting large batches of wine!
  • Stainless steel construction - the perfect, inert material for wine fermentation!
  • Variable capacity design means that you can safely ferment two gallons or twenty gallons with no problems!
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 48 in. (W x H)
  • Product Thickness: 20 x 22 gauge (Bottom x Side - 1.0 x 0.7mm)

Kit Includes

  • Stainless steel fermenter body
  • Spigot assembly
  • Variable capacity lid with inflation tube
  • Air pump
  • Two stage waterless Airlock

Quality Craftsmanship

The Variable Capacity Tank is a professional piece of at home winemaking equipment. It is manufactured by Marchisio S.p.A. of Italy, a recognized would leader of winery equipment since 1950. These are the same brand of tanks that are used by professional wineries around the world. The tanks are made of heavy-gauge, 304 stainless steel with a beautiful, polished-marble finish.


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