American Oak Infusion Spirals - 2 Pack - Medium Plus Toast

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The perfect way to infuse oak character into your beer and wine!

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No need for expensive, bulky barrels to get that perfect oak character! Infusion spirals allow you to infuse oak character, flavor and aroma without having to manage a huge barrel. Medium Plus toasted American oak infusion spirals are toasted to perfection using state-of-the-art convection technology to deliver a consistent and uniform toast every time. The medium plus toast imparts a good balance of tannins, flavor and aroma to your wine or beer. These spirals are cut in order to expose the cross grain of the oak, as opposed to the side grain. Exposure to the cross grain allows the liquid to penetrate the oak at a faster rate than the side grain. Try these in your next batch that calls for oak won't be disappointed!

Product Features

  • Each spiral is 8 inches long, and fit perfectly in standard carboys and fermenters
  • Can be easily broken into smaller lengths if less oak is required
  • Suggested application is 1-stick per 3-gallons of wine
  • Full extraction of oak characteristics can be achieved in 6 weeks, but you can remove the spirals earlier if you want a milder oak flavor


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