Anvil Kettle Strainer

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The Anvil Kettle Strainer keeps hops and trub out of your fermenter the easy way with the Anvil Kettle Screen! This kettle screen design fits easily onto the end of the Anvil diptube, or any 1/2" diptube. Two screen arms split off the main body and effectively filter your hops and trub that are left after the boil. Plug-resistant and easy to clean stainless steel construction, this is the last kettle screen you'll ever need!

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  • Proprietary filtration screen efficiently filters hops and trub
  • Plug resistant
  • Attaches directly to ANVIL Kettles and 1/2" Diptubes
  • Also works on Blichmann Engineering BoilerMaker kettles!
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable stainless construction


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