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Avangard Vienna Malt (German) - 1 Lb.

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Darker than pale malt, Vienna malt is a great base malt that contributes golden colors and biscuity, malty flavors.

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Vienna malt is the base malt for the famed Vienna lager, and is also used as a large proportion for many traditional German beers, such as bock and fest beers. It can contribute golden to light orange color to beer, and may be used to lighten the body of beers where Munich malt is used as a majority of the grist. It contributes biscuit and malt flavor and character to beer. A wonderful base malt for many German beers, it has also found its way into many American pale ale and IPA recipes as a small portion of the grist. Vienna malt can be used creatively in a number of beers styles; see what you and your imagination can do with it!


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