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Used to remove excess tannin from new barrels and to clean old barrels. Use 1 pound of barolkleen

to every 5 gallons of water required to fill the barrel. Barolkleen Instructions: 1) Dissolve Barolkleen in very hot water 2) Pour this solution into barrel and fill up with hot water 3) Allow to soak for three days 4) Drain and flush barrel three times with clean water 5) Make a solution of 2 oz of sulphite crystals, 1 oz citric acid and 2 gallons water. Pour into barrel, close bung and roll barrel about so that the solution rinses the barrel completely 6) Drain and flush barrel once more with water 7) Fill the barrel with the wine as soon as possible

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Barolkleen - 1 Lb. Bag

Barolkleen - 1 lb bag
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Barolkleen - 4 Lb. Bag

Barolkleen - 4 lb Bag
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Barolkleen - Barrel Clean - BarrelKleen


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