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The Definitive Gift Guide For Beer Lovers

With the proliferation of local craft breweries across the country, more and more people are trying new, tasty beers and becoming aficionados of the beers local to their area. Even if you don’t count yourself as a beer lover, you most certainly know someone who is.

What are you planning to give the beer lovers close to you for an upcoming birthday or holiday? Another brewery sweatshirt? Maybe this year you can get them a gift they’ll truly appreciate: a beer brewing kit.

Even if home brewing isn’t something the beer lover in your life has expressed interest in, novice level beer brewing kits make it easy for practically anyone to experiment with a fascinating hobby.

The Gift of Home Brewing

Your average beer lover has probably thought about how they’d do things differently if they ran their own brewery. Having their very own home brew set-up lets them take control of the brewing process.

As home brewers become comfortable with the process through pre-packaged beer making kits, they get better and better at controlling the flavor, body, color and other characteristics of the finished product. They can then branch out and try their hand at recreating one of their favorite beers, improving on a style of beer they’re especially fond of, or making a brew that’s all their own.

Some Great Beer Making Kits For Beginners

If the beer lover you’re shopping for is new to home brewing, the perfect gift will get them all the basics they’ll need to get started.

The Brewer’s Best Beer Making Equipment Kit from Quality Wine and Ale Supply is economical and it includes all the tools your beer lover will need to get started: from the primary fermentor to a bottling bucket, cleanser, an airlock, siphon and bottling set-up, a twin lever capper, a thermometer, a bucket clip, instructions and even a big bag of bottle caps. Check it out using the navigation above.

Now if you want to go the extra mile, you can also make a gift of the ingredients for your beer lover’s first batch.

There is a wide variety of beer ingredient kits, but since this is an inaugural brew it would be best to select one of the simpler kits for your budding brewmaster. Beer styles that are easier to brew include American amber ales, American pale ales, American wheat beers, and brown ales.

A Gift That Keeps On Giving

There is one fringe benefit of giving your favorite beer lover the gift of a quality beer brewing kit: when they use their gift, you’ll most likely get gifts from them in the form of their own homemade brew!

While it’s certainly better to give than receive, giving a set of home brewing equipment and/or ingredients to the beer lover in your life may mean that you don’t have to choose.