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Ice Wines Are A Perfect Pairing for Holiday Meals

Ice wine making kit

When you’re loosening your belt after a hearty holiday meal of ham or turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pie, you’re definitely in the mood for something special for a drink dessert.

Ports and sherries are the typical answer to your cravings, but to really impress your holiday guests as well as fully satisfy your sweet tooth, imagine breaking out a couple bottles of ice wine fresh from your cellar of homemade wines!

Creating Ice Wine with a Wine Making Kit

Ice wine and the process by which it’s made is extremely unique, but if you have the correct wine making supplies, such as the Cabernet Franc Red Ice Wine Style Wine Making Kit, you possess everything necessary to create this often expensive but tasty dessert wine.

The name “ice wine” comes from the Vidal and Riesling grapes required to make the drink, which ripen later in the growing season than standard wine grapes and are left on the vine through a hard frost. These grapes typically hang well on the vine, and lose a slight amount of water while maintaining their shape and marble-like strength.

The end result of grapes freezing on the vine is a higher concentration of sugar in a reduced amount of water. Most ice wines are produced in Germany or Ontario, Canada, but the ingredients for the sweet wine can easily be found and produced with your home wine making set-up.

Ice wine can also include apricot, peach, mango or melon flavors that compliment the naturally-sweetened Vidal or Riesling grapes.

Enjoy Ice Wines at an Affordable Price

By utilizing ice wine making supplies, you can make a unique dessert drink in large batches for less money than you would pay for a couple bottles of this expensive treat.

Dessert wines are an essential end cap to a delicious holiday meal, and ice wine is considered one of the best you can find. Fortunately, your wine making kit is fully equipped for the ice wine making process, saving you a trip to the crowded grocery store and giving your guests more reasons to believe in your mastery of wine making.