Need Gift Ideas? Try Beer From Your Beer Making Kit!

beer making kits

Remember those Heineken holiday commercials where a six-pack is gift-wrapped and the recipient finds that one bottle is missing? That amusing scenario could become a reality (and a really good story) if you give the gift of home-brewed beer from your beer making kit.

The holidays are all about giving gifts straight from the heart to the people you care about most, and what’s more personal than a six-pack of beer straight out of your beer making kit?

Your very own home brew can make a great gift for a friend, co-worker, or relative who loves beer as much as you do. Plus, if home brew will fit the bill for all three, your shopping is already done!

Plus, you can always bring a six-pack of your home brew to the multiple holiday parties and gatherings you’re likely to attend. Your handcrafted beer will surely stand out among the various store bought libations at the party.

The look of your home brew can also go a long way in showing the time and effort you put into your home brew. Get creative with the labels to give the beer a personal feel when it comes out of your beer making kit. Photos, illustrations, and clever names can add a touch of you or your gift recipient’s personality.

You can be just as original with beer making supplies and your beer making kit as you can with anything from a department or liquor store, but the gift of home-brewed beer is so unique it’s bound to stick in your family and friends’ minds throughout the year.