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Wine Making Kits Are Perfect Holiday Gifts

Wine Making Kits It can cost as much as a shirt, has as much versatility as a tool belt, and in the words of Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, is “a gift that keeps on giving the whole year round.”

What am I talking about? A wine making kit of course!

The peak of the holiday gift-giving season draws closer every day, and a wine making kit can be a great and unique way of showing someone you care about them.

Wine Making Kits: 24/7/365

The gift of a wine making kit is one that never goes out of style simply because it can be used all day, every day, at any time! As long as there is proper maintenance, a wine making kit is guaranteed to spawn a regular (and sometimes obsessive) hobby that can be utilized in summer or winter, rain or shine.

The all-year usability of the wine making kit also creates an easy solution for those tough choices about which wine to bring to a holiday, birthday, or just-for-fun party. You can guarantee that the giver of the wine making kit will see at least a few bottles at a future party.


Everyone has a designated budget for holiday gifts, and most people simply can’t break it when they have multiple people to shop for. A wine making kit costs at least as much as an average article of clothing or video game, and at most less than two pieces of clothing and two video games.

Because the average wine making kit is inexpensive when taking use into account, you may even be able to get your recipient started with some added wine making supplies to help kick start his or her first batch.

Creativity and Versatility

Shirts, pants, and ties can be worn in different combinations, often with successful results. But a wine making kit allows your gift recipient the opportunity to be a chemist, innovator, and businessman all in one.

Whether red or white, the options for flavors and ingredients are as vast as the fields of grapes in Napa Valley. Just having a wine making kit allows the home vintner full freedom to be creative with different styles, wine names and labels, and tasting parties.

Giving the gift of a wine making kit could very well elicit a reaction from a 21+ year old that was last seen when they were wearing footie pajamas as a kid on Christmas morning. Who honestly doesn’t want to have another story like that to tell?