Where Is The Best Place To Age Your Wine?

agine wineWine, like any other food, requires careful attention when it comes to storage to keep it from spoiling. This is no different with wine from your wine making kit, and there are multiple different places that are suitable for aging wine right in your home.

The standard answer to where to keep your home-made wine would be in a traditional wine cellar, but how many people do you know that have one or can afford that type of addition to their home? If you have a wine cellar to store your wine making kit’s next creation, then you can probably stop reading this and consider yourself extremely lucky.

If you don’t have a cool, dark cellar, there are still many, many options available to ensure your wine will age properly. Although it is commonly thought that wine requires delicate temperature and light levels to keep it from turning to vinegar, the reality is that even wine from your wine making kit can withstand some exposure to light and mild temperatures.

A dark closet, dresser drawer, under a bed or sofa, or in your basement are just a few places you could store your wine making kit wine, provided the temperature is stable and relatively cool and the wine is shielded from continuous exposure to light. Small amounts of light won’t hinder the wine’s maturity.

Wine Storage Temperatures

Most wine cellars run at about 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but wine can be kept in up to 65 degree conditions and even higher. As the temperature rises, the wine ages faster. If you are eager to try your wine making kit experiment sooner rather than later, this is definitely the way to go.

The key with storing wine at any temperature is making sure there is minimal fluctuation in degrees. A constantly changing temperature can cause the wine bottle’s contents to expand or contract, putting stress on the cork and its air tight seal.

Obviously, the type of wine made in your wine making kit dictates how much aging is required, so these are tips should be taken with that in mind. But when a wine needs to mature a bit, you want to ensure conditions are optimum because a perfectly aged wine makes for a great time.