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Wine Tastings Are A Great Way To Give Your Homemade Wines Exposure

wine tasting

If you’re even mildly experienced with making wine at home, most of your friends and family members have probably tried one of your homemade wines. But how do you ensure that they try all of your creations? Host a wine tasting party!

A wine tasting party is an easy, social way to expose all of your friends to your wine making skills and have a good time while you’re at it.

Depending on the number of guests you plan on inviting, your wine tasting may not require too many bottles of wine. Be sure to emphasize that the idea at a wine tasting is not to just drink wine. The idea is to truly appreciate every aspect of the wine, from the color to the aroma to the flavor, and contrast it to all the wines as a group.

Some people liken the proper tasting of wine to swilling mouthwash without swallowing it. This is because just drinking every wine sample will eventually ruin your pallet and prevent clear judgment of taste and mouth feel.

Wine tastings are also extremely versatile events that encourage creative thinking as you plan them. They can be held as fundraisers, birthday parties, or just plain fun. It’s also possible to make it into an informal contest by having participants rate your wine as well as attempt to guess the styles of wines sampled.

Choosing which wines to feature is entirely dependent on your preferences and confidence in your wine making skills. There’s really no end-all method to the actual wine tasting, just as long as each wine gets equal discussion and tasting time. It’s also possible to pair each style of wine with a dish or cheese to help emphasize and bring out the wine’s best flavors.

One general guideline, though, is to start with white or lighter wines and work your way to the darker red wines at the end of the tasting. Drinking the darker, heavier wines first makes it difficult to taste the more subtle complexities of the lighter wines.

Hosting a wine tasting event will give you the plenty of insight into your best batch and where you might need to improve, and it’ll give your guests an experience they normally wouldn’t get in a social setting.