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  • Comparing Glass and Plastic Carboys: Expert Advice

    Comparison of glass and plastic carboys

    The Question I Hear at Least Once Per Day: Glass or Plastic?

    For years, homebrewers and wine makers have fiercely debated on whether to use plastic or glass carboys during fermentation. I’m going to warn you now: if you are looking for a definitive answer, you are going to be disappointed. There are pros and cons to both. I will lay them all out, and you, mighty homebrewer, will have to decide the best choice for yourself.

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  • Brewing is Better with a Buddy

    3028696-poster-p-two-beersHomebrewing is more than a mere hobby - it is a way of life. But it doesn't start out in this manner and is actually a life long journey. In the beginning, normally, you first became interested in homebrewing when a friend brought over a fancy looking beer and he "humbly" announced to everyone that it had cost $4 per bottle. You took a swig, and it was delicious, much better than what your father drank after a hard day's work. So you started visiting local breweries and began building up your beer palate. And then one evening, after sipping on a mild IPA, a kernel of an idea planted itself, "Why don't I try to make my own beer?"

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  • 5 Spectacular Reasons to Make Your Own Wine

    wine making suppliesWinemaking is a unique and fulfilling hobby. If you decide to partake in this exciting adventure, not only will you enjoy the fruits of your labor, but your friends and family will develop a brand new appreciation in your interests too. Here are five spectacular reasons why you should make your own wine:

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  • What Are The Easiest Beers To Home Brew?

    beer making kits

    Believe it or not, learning to brew your own beer is very similar to learning how to bake. A pastry chef in training doesn’t start with a chocolate soufflé, so don’t start out your experiments in home brewing with a style that’s tricky like a witbier or a tripel!

    Most if not all beers require a certain attention to detail if you want to make sure your batch turns out the way you want it to. That being said, some beers are more forgiving to the new home brewer than others. Continue reading

  • An Introduction To Home Brewing Terminology

    beer brewing terminologyEven if you’re a lifelong beer lover, you’ll quickly find that you’re in a whole new ballgame when you get a beer brewing kit and start learning how to make your own beer at home. There are a lot of different terms which are used by brewers which you may well have never heard before as well as some which you’ve heard, but may not be entirely clear on the meanings of. In order to help you get on your way towards success as a home brewer, here’s a brief glossary of some of the most common home brewing jargon you’re likely to come across. Continue reading

  • An Introduction To Common Wine Making Terminology

    wine making terminologyIf you’re just getting started as a do it yourself vintner using wine making kits, one thing you’ll find is that there’s a lot of unfamiliar terminology. There is admittedly a certain amount of jargon that goes along with the hobby, but since the end result is so worthwhile it definitely behooves you to learn the terms of the trade. Keep reading for a rundown of some of the most common wine making terminology; you’ll be talking like an expert vintner in no time.

    For more information, check out our complete Glossary of Wine Making Terminology.

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  • Should You Use Fresh Grapes Or Concentrate With Your Wine Making Kit?

    Wine Making SuppliesOne question that a lot of beginning do-it-yourself wine makers ask is whether it’s best to make wine using juice concentrates or to use fresh grapes.

    While it used to be that you could almost certainly count on producing better wine by using fresh fruit, the quality of juice concentrates as well as the wine making equipment currently available to home winemakers have made the two more or less equal. The biggest factor is rather how experienced of a wine maker you are. Continue reading

  • It’s Beer Bottling Time – Now What?

    beer brewing kitsOnce you’ve made your first batch of homebrew and the fermentation is over, it’s understandable that you’re excited. You’ve waited patiently, but unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait just a little longer to enjoy that first sip and pat yourself on the back for picking up that beer brewing kit.

    Now that it’s time to bottle your beer, hopefully you’ve already picked up the supplies you need for bottling your homebrew. What do you need? You’ll need bottles of course but you’re also going to need a bottling bucket that is a food grade plastic bucket large enough for your brew, a siphon, a bottle brush, sugar, some basic sanitation supplies and of course, a capper and bottle caps. Continue reading

  • Home Wine Making: From Grape To Glass

    wine making process

    Thanks to wine making kits, it’s become easy enough for anyone who loves wine and DIY projects to create their own high quality wines. There will always be a place for the talents of professional vintners and there will always be a market for their wines, but the ability of the average hobbyist to learn more about how wine is made and to produce their own is something which should be celebrated by all wine lovers. Continue reading

  • Wine Making Kits: An Easy Way to Get Started In DIY Wine Making

    wine making process

    If you’re serious about wine, then you’ve probably thought about making your own at home. You don’t need extensive facilities and expensive equipment to make great wine all by yourself.

    Thanks to wine making kits, it’s actually very easy to get started even if you’re working with a small budget and don’t have a lot of space. Wine making equipment and ingredient kits make producing your first batch of homemade wine easy. Continue reading

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