• Wine Pairing Guide for Holiday Meals

    wine pairingsWine and food have been a staple of holiday meals long before the days of turducken, Thanksgiving football, and Christmas presents from Santa Claus.

    Like beer pairings with various holiday food options, drinking the right wine with the right type of food plays a huge part in highlighting the best flavors of both items. Unlike beer, wine options are as plentiful as customers in a shopping mall on Black Friday, and the choices aren’t just red and white, so to speak. Continue reading

  • Beer Pairing Guide for Holiday Meals

    Holiday Beer PairingHoliday meals are much more than just a family eating around a dinner table, enjoying good food and beverages. Winter holidays are day-long marathons of eating and drinking, punctuated by the biggest meal of all at dinner time. While most people think of wine as a traditional pairing for holiday meals, beer can serve as a more than adequate partner for even the most refined dishes.

    Because the foods served before and during dinner are so diverse, the beers they can be paired with also span all possible styles. This assures that any recipe you choose to whip up as a home brewer will produce a beer that can be paired with a variety of dishes.

    Continue reading

  • Cooking With Beer

    Cooking with Beer

    As craft brews have become more popular, there has been a growing appreciation of the variety of flavors a good beer can offer. People are starting to look at beer much in the same way that they regard wine. For beer lovers, it’s a wonderful thing. There’s a lot of culinary potential in beer, and not just as an accompaniment to your meal; it’s also a great ingredient. Like wine, which has been a staple ingredient in cooking for centuries, beer can also be used to add a distinctive flavor to a variety of dishes. Continue reading

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