• Concord Grape Wine Recipe


    Concord Grapes - Not Just for Jelly!

    Most Americans eat Concord grapes all the time! They are tasty and versatile, and basically anything you buy from the store that is grape flavored is made with Concord grapes: jams, jellies, juices, spreads, preserves, fillings, baked goods, candies, and much more. However, take a walk down the wine aisle at your local grocery store and you would be hard pressed to find any wine at all made from Concord grapes.

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  • 7 Flavors to Try in Your Next Homebrew

    7 Herbs & Spices to Try in Your Next Homebrew

    A Few Ideas to Ban the Dreaded “Brewer’s Block”

    While talking with a fellow homebrewer recently, we both agreed how easy it is to get into the rut of making the same old recipes, over and over. When you first start brewing, you feel adventurous and excited to try anything and everything you can get your hands on. Well, after a few years, and a couple batches that weren’t up to standard, you begin making your tried and true recipes only - rarely deviating from the handful of favorites that your friends ask for time and time again. You know the crowd pleasers, and it’s a risk to spend a lot of time and money experimenting with new flavors.

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  • Nectar of the Gods: Making Your Own Mead in 5 Easy Steps

    In Principio: Before Wine, There Was Mead
    Honey for Mead

    Mead is thought to be one of, if not the oldest alcoholic beverage on earth. It was most likely discovered by accident, when thirsty hunter-gatherers happened upon an upturned beehive filled with rainwater. They drank the sweet water and experienced the first intoxication. Thus, the quest to recreate that glorious feeling began, and early humans began seeking out the secrets of fermentation.

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  • The Easiest Wine Recipe Ever

    The Easiest Wine Recipe Ever

    Here in the Midwest, we’re not exactly known for our mild, pleasant winters. Don’t get me wrong, in the summer we have fantastic fruit - cherries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries - all of which make fantastic wine. But, in the winter, however:


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  • Apple Pie Wine Recipe

    If your kids are anything like my kids, then they love going to the apple orchard every year. For many parts of the country, this is prime picking season for several types of apples. Every year we fill our baskets with Jonathans, Golden Delicious, Granny Smiths, Cortlands, and Galas. We keep a ton of them in the fruit basket on our kitchen table for munching (both of my toddlers love that they can reach up and snag a snack all by themselves). We make a few pies, we make our fair share of caramel apples, we’ve even made apple bread - but without fail - we always have extra apples.

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  • Pumpkin Wine Recipe

    East Pumpkin Wine Recipe

    I am so ready for fall. Every year, when September 1st rolls around, I’m done with summer. I’m over it. I can pretend to be a beach goer, I can tolerate skimpy shorts and tank tops, I can even flirt with barbeques, but really, my soul belongs to fall. It’s a lot like a summer fling, really. We had our fun, but my heart belongs to another.

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  • Peach Wine Recipe

    Easy Peach Wine Recipe

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  • Hard Apple Cider Recipe


    Apple Cider: A Brief History

    Hard apple cider is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages on the planet. The first written history of cider begins with Julius Caesar himself in 55 B.C. It was recorded to be one of his favorite drinks. However, apple cider did not gain serious popularity until the 1600s, when William Blackstone came to the Americas and planted the first apple orchards (English settlers were disappointed to find only crabapples upon arrival). It continued to be a staple beverage with early colonial Americans until it exploded in popularity in the 1800s. The Industrial Revolution saw many fresh water sources became contaminated, and for a time, hard apple cider became safer to drink than water. Then by the early 1900s, cider all but disappeared as prohibition picked up speed in the United States. Cider was nearly forgotten in the United States until the 18th amendment was repealed, and did not come back into popularity until the early 1980s.

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  • Cherry Wine Recipe


    Summer time is the best time to make fruit wine. Most home winemakers are used to making wine from the bountiful harvest of blueberries and strawberries in June and July - but there is one type of fruit that is commonly forgotten - and it makes excellent wine.

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  • Charizard Chipotle Pepper Porter

    I never played Pokémon as a kid. Ever since I met my husband, I’ve teased him a bit for playing it when he was younger. Sometimes I like to him intentionally obnoxious questions just to annoy him:
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