• 4th of July Strawberry Wine

    Strawberry-WineNothing is as true to summer quite like strawberries are: strawberry pie, strawberry smoothies, strawberry festivals, strawberry jam, U-Pick strawberry patches. My mom used to make sun tea on the porch with halved strawberries in the pitcher to sweeten it – something I still love to do. Our kids will pluck them right out of the garden and devour them whole, red juice staining their faces and clothes until bath time.

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  • Summer Wine: Blueberry Season

    Summer Time Blueberry Wine

    Picture of blueberries for wine recipe

    So, you’ve taken your kids to the blueberry patch and now you have a few cases with juice all over their faces are precious – we still have to find something to do with all of our freshly picked blueberries. How many smoothies, fruit salads, and blueberry pie can you make before you’re all blueberry’d out, and ready for something new? Lucky for you, we have a fantastic blueberry wine recipe that is incredibly easy to make!of blueberries. While those memories made of our kiddos running through blueberry bushes 

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  • The Art Of The Home-Brewed Smoked Beer

    beer brewing kitsIf Ralph Wiggum ever tasted a smoked beer, he would say, “It tastes like campfire!” Like it or not, that’s the typical reaction from beer drinkers after their first sip of the unique beer style that derives its flavor from drying malt barley over an open flame.

    The most popular smoked beers come from (surprise!) Germany, but can be easily made in your beer making kit with the correct beer making supplies. There are multiple options to choose from, the easiest of which is purchasing smoked malt and applying it to your home brew of choice.

    Another easy shortcut is to use the Smoked Porter Brewers Best Premium Beer Making Kit, which includes all the required beer making supplies needed to brew a batch of smoked beer. Continue reading

  • Ice Wines Are A Perfect Pairing for Holiday Meals

    Ice wine making kit

    When you’re loosening your belt after a hearty holiday meal of ham or turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pie, you’re definitely in the mood for something special for a drink dessert.

    Ports and sherries are the typical answer to your cravings, but to really impress your holiday guests as well as fully satisfy your sweet tooth, imagine breaking out a couple bottles of ice wine fresh from your cellar of homemade wines!

    Creating Ice Wine with a Wine Making Kit

    Ice wine and the process by which it’s made is extremely unique, but if you have the correct wine making supplies, such as the Cabernet Franc Red Ice Wine Style Wine Making Kit, you possess everything necessary to create this often expensive but tasty dessert wine.

    The name “ice wine” comes from the Vidal and Riesling grapes required to make the drink, which ripen later in the growing season than standard wine grapes and are left on the vine through a hard frost. These grapes typically hang well on the vine, and lose a slight amount of water while maintaining their shape and marble-like strength.

    The end result of grapes freezing on the vine is a higher concentration of sugar in a reduced amount of water. Most ice wines are produced in Germany or Ontario, Canada, but the ingredients for the sweet wine can easily be found and produced with your home wine making set-up.

    Ice wine can also include apricot, peach, mango or melon flavors that compliment the naturally-sweetened Vidal or Riesling grapes.

    Enjoy Ice Wines at an Affordable Price

    By utilizing ice wine making supplies, you can make a unique dessert drink in large batches for less money than you would pay for a couple bottles of this expensive treat.

    Dessert wines are an essential end cap to a delicious holiday meal, and ice wine is considered one of the best you can find. Fortunately, your wine making kit is fully equipped for the ice wine making process, saving you a trip to the crowded grocery store and giving your guests more reasons to believe in your mastery of wine making.

  • Recommended Beer Recipe Books

    Once you’ve made your first batch (or two) of home brew, you’ll probably want to begin exploring all that the world of home brewing has to offer. Of course, if you’re new to making your own beer, you’re going to want a little help.

    Fortunately, there are beer recipe books and other guides available from Quality Wine and Ale Supply that can help you on your way to becoming a truly expert DIY brewer. Keep reading for an overview of some of the best home brew recipe books out there today. Continue reading

  • Recommended Wine Recipe Books

    Wine Making Recipe Books

    Just having your own set of wine making supplies doesn’t make you an expert vintner overnight; nor should you expect to be. That only comes with experience, but a little guidance in the form of recipes and background information on wine can help you get there faster.

    Especially as you start out as a DIY wine maker, wine recipes are extremely helpful – and Quality Wine and Ale Supply has plenty of wine recipe books that will give you all of the recipes and information you need to get off to a great start making homemade wine. Read on for a brief overview of some of these helpful wine making books.

    Wine Recipe Books

    The Home Winemaker’s Companion by Gene Spaziani is an excellent guide for the amateur wine maker. Containing a wealth of information on getting great results with wine making kits as well as more challenging projects like using a more advanced set of wine making supplies to produce wine from fresh fruit, this book is a great choice for any wine maker. Also included are 115 different wine recipes; that’s more than enough to keep the amateur vintner busy for a while.

    Mary’s Recipes is a no-nonsense collection of more than 100 wine recipes geared toward the home wine maker. The book includes recipes ranging from the most basic to the advanced, as well as all you need to know to get started with additives, hydrometers and other wine making supplies.

    The Winemakers Recipe Handbook is a handy collection of 101 easy recipes for home wine makers. These are one-gallon recipes, all packed into a very portable 34-page guide. It’s an indispensable handbook for the beginning wine maker.

    For those beginning wine makers in search of something a little more comprehensive, there’s the Winemaking Book. Over its 284 pages, this book covers recipes and techniques, and it also provides valuable information on using wine making kits and other wine making supplies.

    Kit Winemaking isn’t solely a recipe book, but this book provides recipes and just as importantly, step-by-step tips to help beginning wine makers make the best possible wines from wine making kits. A truly results-oriented book, Kit Winemaking is designed to help amateur winemakers produce great wines from the word go. If you make your own wine or are thinking of starting to do so, this is the book for you.

    These books are a great resource for any wine maker, as well as anyone with even a casual interest in how it’s done. Even if you don’t make wine yourself, these books make excellent gifts for the vintners and wine lovers in your life.

  • Recipes Help Hobbyists Do More With Their Beer Brewing and Wine Making Kits

    beer and wine making recipes

    With a range of high quality wine making and beer brewing kits on the market, it has never been easier to start making beer and wine that can rival what you find on the shelves at your local liquor store.

    Even though there are a wide variety of different prepackaged ingredient kits available, more experienced home brewers and vintners are in search of something more unique than what they can find on the shelves of their local home brew store. Continue reading

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