Wine Making Kits

  • Limited Edition Dessert Kit Feature

    Dessert Wine Kits

    Winexpert has announced their dessert wine kit flavors for 2016, and our mouths are watering! Year after year, these seasonal dessert wine kits never disappoint. They are usually released in late summer or early autumn, and since it only takes around 6 weeks for them to ferment to completion, it makes them perfect to take along to your family Thanksgiving dinner. This year we plan on bottling a couple of the kits giving them out as Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.

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  • 4th of July Strawberry Wine

    Strawberry-WineNothing is as true to summer quite like strawberries are: strawberry pie, strawberry smoothies, strawberry festivals, strawberry jam, U-Pick strawberry patches. My mom used to make sun tea on the porch with halved strawberries in the pitcher to sweeten it – something I still love to do. Our kids will pluck them right out of the garden and devour them whole, red juice staining their faces and clothes until bath time.

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  • Wine Making Kits Are Perfect Holiday Gifts

    Wine Making Kits It can cost as much as a shirt, has as much versatility as a tool belt, and in the words of Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation, is “a gift that keeps on giving the whole year round.”

    What am I talking about? A wine making kit of course!

    The peak of the holiday gift-giving season draws closer every day, and a wine making kit can be a great and unique way of showing someone you care about them. Continue reading

  • Wine Making Kits Can Create Great Gift Wines!

    Wine Making Kits

    From family to close friends to your Secret Santa co-worker, holiday gift shopping can be time-consuming and the gifts can be expensive and generic.

    But you can break that trend by giving the gift of wine from your wine making kit. One batch of wine can be a creative, inexpensive and time-saving gift that works for most, if not everyone, on your list. Continue reading

  • How Long Will It Take To Make My First Batch Of Homemade Wine?

    wine making kit

    If you’re just getting started making your own wine at home, you’re probably wondering just how long it’s going to be before you can finally pull the cork on a bottle of your first batch of homemade wine and pour a glass to toast your achievement. Continue reading

  • What Every Wine Maker Needs To Know

    wine making kits

    As a wine enthusiast, picking up one of the many wine making kits now on the market is something that’s likely to be high on your list of wine related priorities. A wine making kit makes it easy to make good quality wines at home at a cost that’s far lower than buying an equivalent quantity of wine from your local wine or liquor shop.

    Even though you don’t have to be an expert in the vintner’s art in order to make some very good wine yourself, the more you know the better your wine is likely to turn out – and the more fun you’ll have doing it. For a few tips that can help you to get a little more from standard wine making kits, read on. Continue reading

  • Wondering What To Do With Your New Wine Making Supplies?

    wine making supplies

    Whether you’ve received your first set of wine making equipment as a gift from a friend or family member or you’ve decided to pick up your own, you may well be wondering: what now?

    Thankfully, it’s not as complicated to make your own wine as you may have thought – and wine making kits make this something that’s almost as easy as preparing a meal. Continue reading

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