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  • Pre-Packaged vs. Individually Bought Wine Making Kits

    wine making supplies

    If you’ve thought about making your wine at home you’ve probably wondered just how difficult it would be. While it once was a somewhat difficult proposition (not that plenty of people didn’t do it anyway), wine making equipment kits and the ready availability of quality wine making supplies have made it much easier for anyone who wants to make their own homemade wines to do so. Continue reading

  • Where Does Your Wine Come From?

    wine making supplies

    As a home wine maker, you’re probably about to say – wine comes from the wine making equipment in my garage/kitchen/etc. However, what we’re talking about here isn’t where a particular bottle happens to have been made but rather where certain styles of wine originated. As you probably already know, virtually all wines are made from the fruit of vitis vinifera. Continue reading

  • What Every Wine Maker Needs To Know

    wine making kits

    As a wine enthusiast, picking up one of the many wine making kits now on the market is something that’s likely to be high on your list of wine related priorities. A wine making kit makes it easy to make good quality wines at home at a cost that’s far lower than buying an equivalent quantity of wine from your local wine or liquor shop.

    Even though you don’t have to be an expert in the vintner’s art in order to make some very good wine yourself, the more you know the better your wine is likely to turn out – and the more fun you’ll have doing it. For a few tips that can help you to get a little more from standard wine making kits, read on. Continue reading

  • To Age Or Not To Age Your Homemade Wine?

    wine making supplies

    Even a wine newbie is probably aware that the flavor of some wines can be enhanced with some aging. The key word is some. Continue reading

  • Advanced Home Brewing: Getting Fermentation Off To A Quick Start

    beer brewing tips

    If you’ve already learned a lot about how the process of making beer works, the chemistry of beer and how to get the best results out of your basic beer brewing setup, you’re probably feeling ready to take things further. Continue reading

  • How Long Does It Take To Brew Your Own Beer?

    beer brewing kitFor the beer lover who’s really serious about their suds, there are few things more exciting than getting into the hobby of home brewing. One of the questions every beginning and would be home brewer wants the answer to when they first pick up a beer brewing kit is this: how long is it going to take to go from getting your ingredients prepared to finally uncapping a bottle of your first home brewed beer? Continue reading

  • Advice For The Intermediate Home Winemaker

    wine making kits

    You’ve made a few (or more than a few) batches of homemade wine and you’re definitely not a novice anymore. With every batch you make, you learn a little more about how wine is made and the chemical reactions that turn grapes into the wonderful thing we know as wine. You’re ready to start doing things a little differently. You may well want to keep using wine ingredient kits or perhaps you’re ready to move on to using some other wine making supplies like a larger fermentation vessel so that you can start to make your wines in larger quantities. Continue reading

  • It’s Beer Bottling Time – Now What?

    beer brewing kitsOnce you’ve made your first batch of homebrew and the fermentation is over, it’s understandable that you’re excited. You’ve waited patiently, but unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait just a little longer to enjoy that first sip and pat yourself on the back for picking up that beer brewing kit.

    Now that it’s time to bottle your beer, hopefully you’ve already picked up the supplies you need for bottling your homebrew. What do you need? You’ll need bottles of course but you’re also going to need a bottling bucket that is a food grade plastic bucket large enough for your brew, a siphon, a bottle brush, sugar, some basic sanitation supplies and of course, a capper and bottle caps. Continue reading

  • What Goes On In Your Beer Brewing Kit?

    beer brewing kit

    You don’t have to be a science buff to enjoy beer or even to make your own, but as it happens, there actually are a lot of fascinating things happening during the brewing process. Whether or not you make your own beer, it’s just plain fun to know just how it all works – and you’ll feel like the smartest beer lover in the room when you’re able to tell your friends if they should happen to ask about brewing.

    Continue reading

  • Home Wine Making: From Grape To Glass

    wine making process

    Thanks to wine making kits, it’s become easy enough for anyone who loves wine and DIY projects to create their own high quality wines. There will always be a place for the talents of professional vintners and there will always be a market for their wines, but the ability of the average hobbyist to learn more about how wine is made and to produce their own is something which should be celebrated by all wine lovers. Continue reading

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