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  • What Are The Easiest Beers To Home Brew?

    beer making kits

    Believe it or not, learning to brew your own beer is very similar to learning how to bake. A pastry chef in training doesn’t start with a chocolate soufflé, so don’t start out your experiments in home brewing with a style that’s tricky like a witbier or a tripel!

    Most if not all beers require a certain attention to detail if you want to make sure your batch turns out the way you want it to. That being said, some beers are more forgiving to the new home brewer than others. Continue reading

  • Strange Wine and Winery Names

    Wine Making LabelsWine labels often catch your attention through colorful artwork or clever names that read like they're straight from a headline on the Onion. Those striking labels and punny names will stick with you long enough to mention in a future conversation, or if you're a home wine maker, as an inspiration for the name of your next batch of wine.

    There are a lot of wines with clever names around these days; here are some of our favorites: Continue reading

  • Advice To Make Your First Beer Making Process Go Smoothly

    beer brewing tipsFrom the very moment I started boiling water to kick off my first batch of beer, I was nervous I had already messed it up. Thankfully this was not the case, and the water boiled as the laws of physics demand.

    That constant worry feeling, like a first-time mother watching her child experience their inaugural teeter totter ride, is expected when you are a rookie home brewer spending a good amount of time and money on your first batch.

    Continue reading

  • Creative Beer Names

    Beer NamesWe’ve all had this experience before when browsing a liquor store: Scanning the vast array of beer options, you land on one that has set itself apart with a catchy name. The beer’s name stuck in your mind long enough for you to bring it up in conversation, and maybe it even inspired a new creative name for your own beer as well.

    Breweries know that names can go a long way towards word-of-mouth promotion of their beer, and why should things be any different for your home brew set-up? Naming your next beer creation can be very entertaining, especially if it gets a chuckle out of your friends.

    Continue reading

  • Tips To Remember Before You Start Your First Beer Making Kit Adventure

    beer brewing tips

    When I received my home beer making kit from Santa on Christmas Day this year, I reacted with the same jubilation as I did a decade earlier when I unwrapped a brand new Nintendo 64 (true story).

    Along with a high quality, double fermenter beer making kit, I was gifted my first set of beer making supplies in the form of one of my all-time favorite styles, the pale ale. Being a beer connoisseur of sorts, I had already slated its christening to begin on New Year’s Eve and couldn’t wait to get started. Continue reading

  • The Art Of The Home-Brewed Smoked Beer

    beer brewing kitsIf Ralph Wiggum ever tasted a smoked beer, he would say, “It tastes like campfire!” Like it or not, that’s the typical reaction from beer drinkers after their first sip of the unique beer style that derives its flavor from drying malt barley over an open flame.

    The most popular smoked beers come from (surprise!) Germany, but can be easily made in your beer making kit with the correct beer making supplies. There are multiple options to choose from, the easiest of which is purchasing smoked malt and applying it to your home brew of choice.

    Another easy shortcut is to use the Smoked Porter Brewers Best Premium Beer Making Kit, which includes all the required beer making supplies needed to brew a batch of smoked beer. Continue reading

  • Five Common Wine Myths Debunked

    Wine Making MythsMuch like beer and brewing, there are many myths about wine and wine making running rampant throughout bars, households, and social gatherings of all kinds. We’ve decided to look into five of the biggest wine rumors and set the record straight. Continue reading

  • Busting The Five Biggest Beer Myths

    Beer brewing mythsThe myths surrounding beer are so plentiful that the Discovery Channel show MythBusters would have to dedicate a full week’s worth of programming to dispel each of them. Continue reading

  • Subtle Differences Between White and Red Wines

    Red White WineThe main differences between red and white wines are fairly obvious: they have different colors, are made from different grapes, and typically contain different flavors. But there are also subtle differences between red and white wines that become apparent during and after the wine making process. Continue reading

  • Great Winter Beers for Your Beer Brewing Kit

    Holiday Beer BrewingWinter holidays consist of rich, flavorful foods complimented by equally rich, spiced beverages. Seasonal winter beers possess some of these same qualities, and are a great option for your beer brewing kit when you are craving a thicker, darker beer to warm you up on a cold, snowy night. Continue reading

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