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  • Oak Barrels and Oak Alternatives in Home Winemaking

    Barrels and Staves and Cubes, Oh My!

    Oak Barrels Picture of rack of oak barrels


    You’ve done it! You’ve made your very first batch of wine. You crushed the grapes yourself, taken countless hydrometer readings, checked the acid levels, waited what has seemed like forever.

    It’s time to bottle – but before you do, you give it a taste and something is missing. You can’t put your finger on it. This is good, sure, but it’s not as smooth as you’d like, or not as complex. It doesn’t finish on your palate quite right.

    What could it be? Did you miss an important step? Did the fermentation not go as well as you thought? What is this je ne sais quoi that is missing?

    Could it be oak?

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  • Natural Corks vs. Plastic Corks

    Wine lovers are known for strong opinions about their favorite beverage. The merits of grape varieties, wine regions, vintages and wine making methods are all hotly debated, often over glasses of wine.

    One subject that’s sure to spark conversation among oenophiles is the use of plastic corks versus the traditional natural cork. We’re not going to try to change anyone’s mind here today, but here is our assessment of the pros and cons. Continue reading

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