Brewer's Best Extra Light Liquid Malt Extract, 3.3 lbs

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Crafted for brewers, by brewers, Brewer's Best Extra Light Malt Extract is an excellent base product for a range of beers! The team at Brewer's Best has worked with Cooper's Brewery in Australia to craft this liquid malt extract. Clean and smooth, it is an excellent product to use as a base in almost any beer style! It contains only 100% pure malt extract, non-diastatic and unhopped, made from the finest barley and water. Give this extra light malt extract a try in your next beer!

Malt Extract Specifications

Color: 2 - 3L
Ingredients: Barley, Water
Percent Solids: 80 - 82%

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Item #1320



  • An extra light liquid malt extract from Brewer's Best!
  • Carefully crafted from the finest ingredients.
  • Made by Brewer's Best in conjunction with Cooper's Brewery!


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