Carry Strap for FastFerment Conical Fermenter

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Carry Strap for the FastFerment Conical Fermenter. Carrying a full FastFerment can be quite a task, so save your back with this handy strap. Makes carrying your FastFerment a lot easier! The FastFerment is a plastic conical fermenter, which provides you all the benefits of typical stainless conical, but at a fraction of the price! Do your primary and secondary fermentations in the same vessel. No more racking between carboys!

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Carry Strap for the FastFerment Conical Fermenter

On wall mounts from bottom of collection ball = 35.5 in. to top of airlock
In the optional stand = 37 in. to top of airlock

With wall mounting bolts = 14.75 in.
Without wall mounting bolts = 14.25 in.


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