Wide Mouth DemiJohn - 15 Liter (4 Gallon) - with Plastic Basket

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  • 15 Liter (roughly 4 gallons) glass DemiJohn with a wide mouth.
  • Wide mouth design makes it easy to clean or remove things like fruit.
  • Plastic carrying case allows for easy moving around.
  • Classic tear drop DemiJohn design
  • Made in Italy!

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Item #GF1025



15 Liter glass DemiJohn (roughly 4 gallons). Glass demijohns are great containers for wine, vinegar, kombucha, and many other beverages. They have a classic teardrop shape and a plastic protective basket.

This DemiJohn features a wide mouth design which is ideal for any application where you would like to reach into the container (i.e. Fruit Wines or just for ease of cleaning). Width of the mouth is 4.5 in. and includes a plastic dust cover. To use with an airlock, cut or drill a small hole, and use with a rubber stopper and airlock.

Product Specifications

  • Includes: Glass fermenting vessel, plastic carrying case, and plastic dust cover.
  • Dimensions: 14.25 x 14.25 x 18.5 in.
  • Made in Italy


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