Dual Smooth Super-Smoother by FermFast

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Dual Smooth Super Smoother by FermFast is an easy and convenient way to smooth the taste of young or harsh wines and it reduces the aging time. The two pouch system contains 15ml of glycerin (to smooth the hard taste of young wines) and 15ml of Sinatin17, a naturally produced European liquid oak extract. One pouch will smooth out and mellow six gallons of wine.

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Profile Summary:

  • Dual Smooth (Duplex) – Sufficient for 6 Gallons

  • Duplex pack of Glycerine & Liquid Oak Extract (Sinatin 17) for smoothing out and adding an aged quality to young wine.

    Declared Pack Weight:
  • 30ml (1 oz)

    Ingredient Declaration:
  • Glycerine and liquid oak extract.

    Allergen Declarations:
  • None

  • Stir contents of each packet into 6 U.S. gallons (23L) of finished wine prior to bottling.


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