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Ekuanot Cryo Hops LupuLN2 Powder 1 oz

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AA% Range: 24-27%
Oil Content: 6.0-7.5%
Format: Cryo Hops
Origin: American
Aroma: Citrus, Tropical 
Use: Aroma and Flavor
Weight: 1 oz.
Total Oil Content: High

Developed by Yakima Chief Hopunion, Cryo Hops represents the the most innovative technology in hop processing. It uses a proprietary cryogenic separation process which preserves all components of each hop fraction, producing two simultaneous co-products, LupuLN2 and Debittered Leaf. LupuLN2 is the concentrated lupulin of whole-leaf hops containing resins and aromatic oils. It is designed to provide intense hop flavor and aroma, enabling brewers to dose large quantities of hops without introducing astringent flavors or vegetative cone material. LupuLN2 offers twice the resin content of traditional whole-leaf and hop pellet products, and should be dosed at approximately half the amount by weight. Aroma: Melon, berry, orange peel, lime, papaya, and fresh peppers.

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Ekuanot Cryo Hops LupuLN2 Powder 1 oz

Cryo Hops provide brewers with the ability to get gigantic hop character while reducing astringent and unpleasant vegetal flavors.  With a substantially higher oil and resin content, LupuLN2 powder offers up all the flavor and aroma of a heavily hopped beer, but with a significanly reduced grassy character.  Additionally, the lower dosage rate of the concentrated powder reduces the volume of trub and therefore, kettle loss.  Using Cryo Hops you will net more beer that is clearer!

Typical usage of Cryo hops would be roughly 50% of pellets.  LupuLN2 powder can be used in any application where traditional hop products are utilized, including: Bittering, Kettle, Whirlpool and even direct to the fermentor.  It is suggested that you use Cryo Hops as late additions or in the whirlpool, as the volatile aromatic compounds will be driven off if added early in the boil and the powder format can be problematic when added as a dry hop.

Cryo Hops are an innovative hop product that is made by separating the lupulin from the hop flower using cryogenic processing.  The result is a product with twice the potency of T90 pellets, with reduced astringency and vegetative material.


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