5 Gallon - Bourbon Barrel by Journeyman Distillery

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  • A 5 gallon bourbon whiskey barrel from the Journeyman Distillery, used to age bourbon
  • Perfect for aging and imparting bourbon barrel character to beers, ciders, wines...you name it!
  • Adds vanilla notes to your beverage, with malt, spice and tobacco characteristics

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. Will ship next week (week of December 11th). Will only be bringing in what is pre-ordered so make sure to get your orders in soon!

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Item #GF820



Bourbon whiskey is a delectable spirit, and nobody does bourbon whiskey like Journeyman Distillery! These 5 gallon barrels are used in the production of their fine bourbon whiskey! This adds a delicious touch of vanilla, with hints of malt, spice and tobacco characteristics to whatever home brew you choose to put in the barrel. Take your home brewed beer, wine, cider, mead, or other creations to the next level with these barrels from Journeyman Distillery!

Uses a #8.5 stopper (item #4626)

About Journeyman Distillery

We're proud to bring you a line of barrels from Journeyman Distillery. Used in the production of fine, high quality spirits, these barrels have been made available to us, and we are offering them to you! Journeyman Distillery is located just up the road in Three Oaks, Michigan. Known for their line of whiskeys, Journeyman also offers a range of unique and specialty spirits. Their barrels can add a depth of character and flavor to your home brewed beverages when used as part of the aging process!


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