5 Gallon - Silver Cross Whiskey Barrel by Journeyman Distillery

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A 5 gallon barrel previously used to age fine Silver Cross Whiskey from Journeyman Distillery, now available for you to use in your fermentation and aging projects!

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Silver Cross Whiskey from Journeyman is a black label whiskey that symbolizes friendship, camaraderie, and spirited competition...as well as great taste! A blend of equal parts rye, wheat, corn and barley, Silver Cross is an exceptional medley of truly unique flavors, with exquisite mouth feel and body. These characteristics can be lent to anything you choose to put in this barrel, from wine and beer, even hard ciders! Let your imagination run wild with this unique whiskey barrel from Journeyman Distillery.

Uses a #8.5 stopper (item #4626)

About Journeyman Distillery

We're proud to bring you a line of barrels from Journeyman Distillery. Used in the production of fine, high quality spirits, these barrels have been made available to us, and we are offering them to you! Journeyman Distillery is located just up the road in Three Oaks, Michigan. Known for their line of whiskeys, Journeyman also offers a range of unique and specialty spirits. Their barrels can add a depth of character and flavor to your home brewed beverages when used as part of the aging process!


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