KEGlove Keg Parka, 5 Gallon

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Introducing the KEGlove Keg Parka! This neoprene insulated, open-ended sleeve is made of neoprene here in the U.S.A! Its design allows you to easily slide the parka onto a standard 5 gallon keg, keeping the keg colder for longer! It is made of the highest quality materials with the highest quality workmanship! An ice blanket or thin ice packs can be placed between the keg and the KEGlove parka to extend the coolness of the keg. The KEGlove parka for 5 gallon kegs is the perfect solution for keeping your beer cool on the go!

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An insulated neoprene sleeve for 5 gallon kegs that helps to keep your beer colder for longer!


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