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1/2 in. NPT Ball Valve Whirlpool Kit

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Clear your wort by separating trub and the hot break by whirlpooling with a Whirlpool Arm kit from Blichmann Engineering! This easy-to-use whirlpool kit makes whirlpooling your wort simple, easy and effective! This kit comes with a 3-piece ball valve, a popular valve type that can be taken apart! The arm kit can be installed in the desired location on the kettle. Wort is then pumped from the main valve to the whirlpool arm, creating a strong whirlpool. It is recommended to whirlpool for 5 minutes or until maximum rotation is acheived, then allow to settle for 15-20 minutes or until whirpooled wort has stopped, before draining.

Product Features

  • Gives you increased clarity and hop isomerization!
  • Can be used as an additional port for filling, draining or sampling.
  • Can be used in conjunction with an immersion chiller for quicker chilling.
  • Whirlpool and add hops after cooling to 180F or below for increased hop aroma without additional bitterness!
  • Make better wort with this easy-to-use whirlpool arm kit!

Kit Includes

  • 3-Piece Ball Valve
  • Bulk Head Fitting
  • Whirlpool Tube
  • Shaft Collar
  • O-rings
  • O-ring Retainer
  • 9/64 in. Allen Wrench

Required to Install - NOT Supplied

  • Center punch
  • 3/16" drill bit
  • Step drill bit capable of 13/16"

A whirlpool arm is traditionally used to clarify wort and increase hop utilization. However, it can also be used in conjunction with an immersion chiller to speed up cooling, or to first cool the wort to around 180F or below for hop standing to increase hop aroma without further bitterness. It can also be used as an alternative port to fill, drain or sample.

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