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Chilean Petite Sirah Fresh Juice, 6 Gallons

SKU 080107C

Available for Pickup Only in our Indianapolis Store

Pre-Order By: April 23rd, 2024
Available for Pickup (no shipping): Early May

Fresh Petite Sirah juice from Chile that has been acid and pH balanced, ready for you to ferment into world-class wine! This product is available for pre-order for in-store pickup only.

Not just a "petite" version of Syrah or Shiraz, Petite Sirah is a distinct grape variety. An offspring of Syrah and the nearly extinct Peloursin (still found in a few places in the French Alps), Petite Sirah (once known as Durif) is known for its bold fruit flavors and aromas, which include notes of blueberries and plums, and the richness of chocolate paired with black pepper. It has a deep color and is high in tannins with moderate acidity. Petite Sirah is a delicious sipping wine that has incredible richness and depth of flavor. However, it also pairs well with rich, fatty foods such as roasted pork, barbequed beef and beef burgers, a range of chesses such as Gouda and Camembert, and sauteed mushrooms and eggplant.

We have worked with our suppliers to bring you the freshest grape juices from the Maipo Valley in Chile. These juices are often reserved for wineries, but we bring them directly to you so that you can make Chilean wines like those coming from the finest and most exclusive wineries! Centrally located just south of the capital, Santiago, the Maipo Valley has been the cradle of the Chilean wine industry for 150 years. Located with the Andes Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, Maipo has a unique climate and geology which translates directly into the juice of the grapes grown there, yielding incredible and luscious juices year after year. Each bucket contain 6 gallons of juice that have been acid and pH balanced, and is ready for fermentation. Instructions are included as well. Be part of the Chilean winemaking heritage and make your own Chilean wines from these top-quality juices today!

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