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Hartfield & Co. Distillery Bourbon Barrel for Aging Wine - 5 Gallons

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A 5 gallon barrel previously used to age bourbon whiskey from Hartfield & Co. Distillery; the first distillery in Bourbon County, KY for more than a century! Perfect for aging your homebrew creations from beer to wine, and even cider! Uses a #8.5 stopper (item #4626 not included)



This barrel was previously used to age bourbon from Hartfield & Co. Distillery. They distill in batch around 115-120, which means that everything that comes off our still goes directly into the barrels. From there the spirit is aged in these barrels for 4-5 months. They give a nod to the idea of Bottled in Bond by bottling our Bourbon at 100 proof.

Aging your homebrewed creation in one of these barrels will add depth and character that is very unique. Think big here; imperial stouts, barley wines, zinfandels, double IPAS, even hard ciders! Let your imagination run wild with this unique whiskey barrel from Hartfield & Co. Distillery. Uses a #8.5 stopper (item #4626 not included)

About Hartfield & Co. Distillery

Hartfield & Co., formerly The Gentleman, is a small batch distillery located in Paris, KY. They are the first licensed distillery in Bourbon County since Prohibition forced the closure of the distilling industry in 1919. It's odd to think that out of all the bourbon currently produced in the world, none of it has been produced in Bourbon County - until now.

In a very large sense, they gave the world it's first bourbon, or any spirit for that matter, from Bourbon County, Kentucky in almost a century. Ninety five years without a distillery inside of Bourbon County has come to an end with the founding of Hartfield & Co.

Their intention is to be a craft distillery in every sense. They have started small and intend to stay that way with a focus on the "craft" of being a craft distillery. Their products will be made in small batches with a focus on the process of creating truly great spirits and sourcing the best local ingredients. It is their intention that most of the grain they use will come from Bourbon County or the surrounding counties, and their spent grain will go back to local farms to complete the cycle.

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