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Spanish Cedar Infusion Spirals, Light Toast - 2 Pack

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These infusion spirals are made of Spanish cedar, and are given a light toast. The oil in these Spanish cedar spirals contribute vibrant flavors and aromas of grapefruit that pair particularly well with beer and cider, with lighter notes of white pepper and sandalwood, when applied during the conditioning phase for up to six weeks. General dosing is 1 stick per 3 gallons. However, these can be snapped into smaller portions to achieve desired flavor intensity. Extraction is usually finished in about 6 weeks. Withdraw these spirals sooner for a milder taste.

Product Features

  • Each spiral is 8 inches long, and fit perfectly in standard carboys and fermenters

  • Can be easily broken into smaller lengths if less oak is required

  • Suggested application is 1-stick per 3-gallons of wine

  • Full extraction of Spanish cedar characteristics can be achieved in 6 weeks, but you can remove the spirals earlier if you want a milder flavor

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A 2 pack of Spanish cedar infusion spirals with a light toast, perfect for beer or cider!


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