Vinovinti Carbonic Acid Extractor - by Vino Vinti

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VinoVinti Carbonic Acid Extractor. After our extensive testing (re: wine tasting) we were very impressed and are excited about this offering from our new partner at VinoVinti - a carbonic acid extractor. VinoVinti's simple, innovative design removes carbon dioxide from wine, improving taste and adding years of smoothness in seconds. VinoVinti enhances the wine experience by providing hands-on control over the flavor, feel and finish. Simple to use - NOTE: Wash rod and holder before first use. 1) Pour 1-2 oz of wine into a glass for comparison tasting and to create space for the rod. 2) Assemble rod and holder together and insert into stopper and place in bottle (check that the fit is secure. 3) Use vacuum pump until bubbles form. Once bubbles diminish (15 - 20 seconds) release stopper pressure (button on stopper top). 4) Remove rod from bottle and taste (repeat step 3 if needed). 5) Separate rod from holder, rinse well and let air dry. Enjoy!

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The benefits of using VinoVinti: Gives hands-on control over the taste, feel and finish of both red and white wines - Opens aromas and enriches flavor - Softens tannins and smooths what some call "acidic bite" - Improves the entire bottle in seconds - simple to use and gives a lifetime of wine enjoyment.


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