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5 Gallon - B-Street Blues Bourbon Barrel by West Fork Whiskey Co

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A 5 gallon barrel previously used to age "B-Street Blues" bourbon from West Fork Whiskey, a bourbon whiskey featuring Indiana grown corn and rye! Uses a #8.5 stopper (item #4626)

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B-Street Blues, West Fork Whiskey's second bourbon, is a rye-based bourbon that is smooth yet spicy, with loads of character. This bourbon features Indiana's hallmark agricultural product, corn, grown right here in the state. However, it is lent its prominent spiciness from rye grown here as well. Robust and delicious, these characteristics can be lent to anything you choose to put in this barrel, from porters and stouts to hard ciders! Let your imagination run wild with this unique rye-centered bourbon whiskey barrel from West Fork Whiskey.

Uses a #8.5 stopper (item #4626)

About West Fork Whiskey Co.

West Fork was started by three ordinary guys from Indianapolis, who sought out to make extraordinary whiskey. West Fork Whiskey Co. was brought to life as a means to share their interpretation of America's native spirit with the world.

Their spirits are 100% Indiana from grain to glass, which pays respect to one of the best grain producing states in America!


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