Wine Filter Sheets - 2 Micron - 20 x 20 cm - 25 Pack

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  • Great for polishing wines to give them a brilliant shine.
  • Rating value stamped on sheet (V16) so you know which sheet you are using.
  • Works with all standard 20x20 plate filters (with no holes)

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Item #GF1100



These 20x20 cm filter sheets are rated at 2 micron. They are perfect for general polishing of wines to help give them a brilliant shine. Please note that all pad filters are rated 'nominal', meaning that about 90-95% of all particulate matter at the micron rating will be filtered out. There will always be a little bit of smaller material that is also filtered out, as well as some larger material that will make it through. These sheets are stamped with the code V16 so you can easily tell which sheet you are working with.


The filters can be sanitized by in-line steam, auto-claving, dry heat, hot water or chemical methods. Another method is using Saniclean solution through the pads followed by sterile water or a small amount of wine that is then discarded. After the solution is run through the pads, and the pads have softened, the filter will need to be re-tightened.

Using the Filter Sheets

Each sheet has an inlet and an outlet side, distinguished by their different textures. The inlet side is a billowy type texture, frequently called the "rough" side; and the outlet side has a crosshatch pattern and is commonly called the "smooth" side.


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