Wine Making Equipment Kit - Deluxe - P.E.T. Carboy

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All the HARDWARE you need except bottles to start making homemade wine. Our wine making equipment kits include high quality fermentors, corkers, corks and more. We also include At No Extra Charge the "Making Homemade Wine instruction book". You only need to purchase your major equipment once, so get started making your own home made wine!

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Item #3013BB



Wine Making DELUXE Equipment Kit item #3012BB contains:

  • 7.9 Gallon Fermenter with Lid
  • 6 Gallon P.E.T. Carboy
  • Carboy Stopper (Bung)
  • Airlock
  • Bottle Brush
  • Hydrometer
  • Liquid Crystal Thermometer
  • Easy Clean Cleaner/Sanitizer
  • Twin lever corker
  • 30 Premium Corks
  • Fermtech Auto-Siphon
  • 5 ft Siphon Hose
  • Bottle Filler
  • Plastic Mix-Stir
  • Please note that this kit no longer includes the recipe book that is pictured. The manufacturer has stopped packing this with the kit

Just add 3 cases of wine bottles and a Winexpert Wine Kit (or your own ingredients) and you're ready to make up to 6 gallons of wine in as little as 28 days. Remember you only need to purchase your major equipment once.


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