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2016 Limited Edition Wine Kits

2016 Limited Edition Wine Kits


For those of us that are big into kit winemaking, Winexpert’s Limited Edition releases make us about as giddy as a kid on Christmas - and like Christmas - they’re only here once a year. Winexpert never disappoints with their choices for the Limited Editions, and this year is no different. They have chosen five outstanding wines from five different regions, all renowned for their winemaking. They have also made sure to include something for everyone this year, from oaky reds to fruity whites. We are already dying to try every single one of them.

Australian Grenache Cabernet (2).png

Australian Cabernet Grenache is a bold blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache grapes. These grapes come from the Riverland region of Southern Australia. This region has a Mediterranean climate with long days of full sun that are perfect for growing wine grapes. This blend of Australian Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache is full-bodied, with dark cherry, raspberry and cigar box aromas that are rounded out with warm spice notes. This wine pairs extremely well with protein-rich dishes like steak. Full, luscious and delectable, this is a limited release wine you won't want to miss!

Release: January 2017

Australian Grenache Cabernet (4).png

From the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea in Italy comes this limited edition Vermentino wine kit. Vermentino grapes are light-skinned wine grapes grown on the mountainous Italian coast. The unique hilly topography of the region tempers the heat, which helps these grapes develop their signature refreshing characteristics in the finished wine. Hints of peach, green apple, and fresh lime are present, as well as a slight tarragon note in the finish. This wine has a thirst quenching acidity that pairs extremely well with Italian cuisine, such as pasta tossed in olive oil, chicken, turkey, and fresh shellfish. This is a unique light wine that is refreshing and delicious!

Release: January 2017

Australian Grenache Cabernet (5).png

Milagro is a blend of different grapes from the Valencia region of Spain. These grapes are grown in the mountainous inland area of Spain, where the topography allows for a cooling effect at night. Milagro is a blend of five different wine grape varietals. Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Bobal give a lush quality to the wine. Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah offer structure and body. The resulting blend is deep, spicy, and fruity, and exhibiting notes of black and red fruit, cherry cola, anise and black pepper. The wine has a subtle, yet powerful, mouthfeel that is rich and gentle at the same time. This wine is the perfect companion to a number of braised meats and thick, full sauces.

Release: February 2017

Australian Grenache Cabernet (6).png

Blanc De Noir is a French term for “white wine from dark grapes”, which is the perfect name for this wine. The grapes are pressed gently, then quickly separated from the skins so that they do not take on a red coloration. The dark wine grapes for this white wine come from the San Joaquin Valley of California. Its fertile soil and cool delta breeze of the area are perfect for wine grape cultivation. This wine is fruity, with flavors and aromas of crabapple, white peach, grapefruit, and slight hints of strawberry. It is off-dry, and as such will be somewhat sweeter than many of the drier limited edition wines from Winexpert. It pairs well with lighter meats and dishes, such as sliced ham, eggs benedict, and grilled white fish. A delicious wine with a hint of fruity sweetness!

Release: March 2017

Australian Grenache Cabernet (7).png

Yakima Valley in Washington State is the origin of this Cabernet Franc. Yakima Valley sits at the same latitude as the Loire Valley, which is notable as a prime region in France for growing wine grapes. This latitude has cooler climates than those found further south in the state of California, and is perfect for growing Cabernet Franc grapes. This region gets around 17 hours of sunlight per day, which is more than many regions of California. Cabernet Franc grapes grown in the Yakima Valley reach their full potential, yielding full aromas and flavors. These grapes also provide the wine with plenty of earthy tannins for rich structure. Yakima Valley Cabernet Franc is an excellent wine that pairs well with lamb and steak, and other rich and spicy foods. An excellent wine, available for a limited time only!

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