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  • 5 Beers You Have to Try This Fall
    August 17, 2017 Quality Wine & Ale Supply

    5 Beers You Have to Try This Fall

    There’s More to Autumn than Pumpkin Beer Okay, I like pumpkin beer. I think it gets a bad rap. I’ve definitely had some bad pumpkin beers - like, really bad - but a lot of delicious pumpkin beers are being...

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  • Oak Barrels and Oak Alternatives in Home Winemaking
    July 31, 2017 Bryan Johnson

    Oak Barrels and Oak Alternatives in Home Winemaking

    Barrels and Staves and Cubes, Oh My! Picture of rack of oak barrels You’ve done it! You’ve made your very first batch of wine. You crushed the grapes yourself, taken countless hydrometer readings, checked the acid levels, waited what has seemed like...

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  • Concord Grape Wine Recipe
    July 29, 2017 Quality Wine & Ale Supply

    Concord Grape Wine Recipe

    Concord Grapes - Not Just for Jelly! Most Americans eat Concord grapes all the time! They are tasty and versatile, and basically anything you buy from the store that is grape flavored is made with Concord grapes: jams, jellies, juices,...

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