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5 Spectacular Reasons to Make Your Own Wine

5 Spectacular Reasons to Make Your Own Wine

wine making suppliesWinemaking is a unique and fulfilling hobby. If you decide to partake in this exciting adventure, not only will you enjoy the fruits of your labor, but your friends and family will develop a brand new appreciation in your interests too. Here are five spectacular reasons why you should make your own wine:

 1. Provide a Unique Factor to the Party

Whether you are hosting your own soiree, or dropping in for a little get together, you will be the talk of the party once you present a bottle of homemade wine. Sure, one of your friends may bring a 2009 Chave Hermitage Blanc, but which one will garner more attention, more intrigue, and more excitement? That’s right, your $3 bottle just shamed a $350 bottle into oblivion. The possibilities of adding a unique winemaking element to a social gathering are endless. Every family gathering provides an opportunity to impress Aunt Patricia with your newly bottled Pinot Grigio. Making wine for a birthday, wedding, or anniversary takes your gift giving to the next level by adding a personal and tailored touch. Sharing your passion for making your own wine is the perfect icebreaker for any event. Just about everyone enjoys wine, and everyone loves a winemaker.

2. Winemaking is Inexpensive

After you get started with the equipment (a complete set of equipment costs between $100-$200), the cost of making your own wine can be much less expensive than store bought - especially if you’re an avid wine drinker. For example, this California Moscato Kit, for just a little over eighty dollars, can produce about 6 gallons of wine - that’s 30 standard (750 mL) bottles! So if we were to run the numbers, the price of a homemade Moscato comes to less than $3.00 per bottle. After a small investment in equipment, the home winemaker reaps a lifetime of savings

3. Opportunity to Experiment and Perfect Your Own Wine

We all have our origin story of getting involved with winemaking, and if you don’t have one yet, we would love to guide you through the process. Whether you were stomping grapes in an old cellar with grandma and grandpa, or just heard a hilarious quote from Miles Raymond complaining about drinking Merlot (if you haven’t seen Sideways yet, you should), we’ve all stood in the grocery store wine section, staring down the never-ending aisle of options, wondering to ourselves, “how in the world do I find something I like?” It can be intimidating! Never fear! This initial entry barrier will quickly pass, and you will eagerly try as many different types of wine as possible. Soon after, there will come a moment of clarity where you will wonder if you could endeavor to create that perfect Riesling for yourself. From that moment, on you’ll be hooked. You will have so much energy, so much excitement, and so many ideas flowing through your mind that it will be as if Dionysus himself asked you to help him invent wine. The opportunities to experiment and make your desired wine are limitless.

4. Ability to Read a Restaurant Wine Menu with Confidence

Imagine that you recently mustered up enough courage to ask the new and attractive colleague out for dinner. Immediately after sitting down at the restaurant table, the sommelier presents you with the wine menu. This can be a moment of dread or a moment of exuberance - which one would you prefer? The home winemaker has the advantage here, because they been tasting a wide range of wines and have become familiar with each ingredient and process that makes a wine unique. The home winemaker can taste the difference between French and American oak, can detect whether a wine is dry or sweet, and is comfortable pairing their meal choice with the perfect complimentary wine (not to mention, can pronounce exotic French and Spanish wine names with confidence!). So for the sake of your love life, begin winemaking!

5. Winemaking is Easier Than You Think

The topic of winemaking and beer brewing tend to get entangled together in a conversation, and often, this conversation began with someone discussing the difficulties encountered during the beer brewing process. Now all of a sudden, and unbeknownst to winemaking, it has become guilty by association with the bad behavior and difficulty of beer brewing. This slight on winemaking needs to be rectified! If you were to run a parallel comparison analysis of winemaking and beer brewing, you would notice that winemaking requires fewer steps and less amount of scrutiny to make your first successful batch. Our introduction winemaking kits come with step-by-step instructions that guide you through the process of making great wine. Moreover, no matter how simple or complicated of a question you may have, our mission is to provide high quality products and superior customer service, so feel free to contact us via the website or phone (574 295-9975) whenever you have a question. If you want to stay on top of Quality Wine & Ale Supply's newest content, then:


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