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Hard-To-Brew Beers For The Home Brew Master

Hard-To-Brew Beers For The Home Brew Master

beer making kitEven for the biggest beer lover, brewing the same simple beer recipes like pale ale, amber, brown ale, and wheat beers can get tedious. That’s why there are many more complicated recipes to push your beer making skills to the next level. Any tough recipe used in your beer making kit has a high risk-high reward factor during the process that could ruin the entire batch. However, if you’re ready to test your brewing skills, these five beers are perfect ways to take pride in your developed skills as a brewer.

The five hardest beers to brew at home:

  1. Belgian Wit American wheat beers are not too tough to brew at home, but a Belgian Wit is like going from Medium to Expert on Guitar Hero. Belgian wit beers have very distinct spice flavors and visual characteristics, and require a microscope-level attention to detail.

  2. Belgian Tripel Those Belgians brew some tasty, yet complicated beers. Belgian tripel beers are no exception, and have a very unique crisp, dry aftertaste that can be very hard to replicate in a home beer making kit. This recipe may take a few tries to perfect, but the end result is well worth it.

  3. Rauchbier The hardest part about a rauchbier is perfecting the defining smoked malt flavor balance, but it also requires a few beer additives to ensure clean water is used. Some research about smoked beers is definitely required to get some idea of their general level of difficulty.

  4. Dry Stout There is very little room for experimentation with malt and yeast levels when it comes to dry stouts. Slight miscalculations in grain levels can especially ruin your batch of dry stout beer, creating a nearly undrinkable acidic beer.

  5. American Pilsner Talk about a twist ending. American pilsners are some of the most popular cheap beers in the United States (Miller Lite, Coors, and Budweiser are all pilsners), but their fairly flavorless, yet balanced taste is hard to correctly replicate in your home beer making kit.

  Think you got what it takes to try any of these recipes? A mastery of any of these five beer styles undoubtedly proves your expertise as a home brewer, and could very well set you on a track to your own signature beer.
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