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Fermfast Dualfine Super Kleer KC Fining

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FermFast DualFine Super Kleer KC Finings is a liquid finings solution that is a 2 stage clearing agent for beer, wine and swish alcohol. 1 pack will work on up to 6 gallons at a time. FermFast DualFine Super Kleer KC Finings is able to clear most products in 12 - 48 hours. A one-two punch combination of Kieselsol and Chitosan provide superior clearing. The 2.2 oz (65 ml) package is sufficient to clear up to 6 gallons of wine, beer, cider and spirits. Easy to use!

FermFast Dual Fine Super Kleer KC Fining - High speed liquid fining agent.


  • Used as a dual stage clearing aid for wine, beer and spirits


  • Gently stir entire contents of packet A1 Kieselsol into wine, beer or spirits after fermentation is complete. Wait a minimum of 1 hour prior to adding packet A2 Chitosan.
  • Add packet A2 Chitosan one hour after Kieselsol was added. Gentlystir Chitosan in for 30 seconds and reattach bung (stopper) and airlock. Allow to clear completley. Usually clears in 24 - 48 hours.
  • Note: degassing prorior to using will greatly increase the quality of the clearing.
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